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Hello and thank you for responding.

I read your response.

I don't know about any Jeffrey Max Jones.

Just want to point this out from the Congressional Record I cited, page one column three:


"According to Information furnished to me, which I have no reason to doubt, facts regarding the birth and citizenship of Mr. Romney are as follows. His grandfather was Miles Park Romney. In 1885 he left his family In Arizona and moved to Chihuahua, Mexico. One of his children was Gaskel R. Romney, born in the United States in 1871. He did not accompany his father to Mexico, but followed and with the family Joined him in 1887, Gaskel R. Romney being then 16 years old. Gaskel R. Romney was married to Anna Aurelia Pratt in Mexico about 1898. They had 4 children, born in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico: George, the 4th child, being born there on July 8, 1907. This family then moved to El Paso, Texas, where the 5th, 6th and 7th children were born.

"It will be seen from the foregoing that Mr. George Romney was born in Chihuahua, Mexico of an American born father and by virtue of the birth and citizenship of his father in the United States, George was born with dual citizenship, being a citizen of Mexico by birth and becoming a citizen of the United States at birth automatically by naturalization pursuant to the Act of Congress granting automatic natUralization in such circumstances.

"This type of American citizenship is a qualified one and requires an election on his part upon arriving at his majority, or within a reasonable time thereafter. In re Reed, 6 F S 800, State v. Jackson, 65 A 661, Ludlam v. Ludlam, 26 NY 371, Van Dyne on Cit. 38.

"Mr. Romney appears probably to be a citizen of the United States. But, the question under consideration is not one of simple citizenship but rather, whether he is a “natural born citizen” as prescribed in the Constitution of the United States for the Presidency."

Concludes with:

"I find no proper legal or historical basis on which to conclude that a person born outside of the United States could ever be eligible to occupy the Office of the President of the United States. In other words, In my opinion, Mr. George Romney of Michigan is ineligible to become President of the United States because he was born In Mexico and is, therefore, not a natural-born citizen as required by the United States Constitution."

I'm not claiming anything, but I have read a ton of immigration laws over the past week, including Act XXII of Congress February 10, 1855:


"In 1855, however, the last provision was somewhat extended, and all persons theretofore born or thereafter to be born out of the limits of the jurisdiction of the United States, whose fathers were, or should be at the time of their birth, citizens of the United States, were declared to be citizens also."

Of course, it is well within your right to request documentation from Willard.





Your second to last paragraph is the heart of the whole matter.

You quote that "In 1855, however, the last provision was somewhat extended, and all persons theretofore born or thereafter to be born out of the limits of the jurisdiction of the United States, whose fathers were, or should be at the time of their birth, citizens of the United States, were declared to be citizens also."

And you seem to be focusing on Gaskell and NOT on Miles Park Romney. And this should be where the focus should be. Gaskell was a minor when he entered Mexico. It was about 1884 or so. And since Gaskell Romney was only about 13 years old, you would have to examine the citizenship of the FATHER (not the mother). The father of the Gaskell (the minor) was Miles Park Romney (whose citizenship is in question). Miles Romney went to Mexico, definitely became a early citizen and NEVER returned to America. Both Miles and his wives died there with him.

The question here, is did MILES PARK ROMNEY convert to Mexican citizenship prior to Gaskell's 21st birthday. If Miles did renounce his American citizenship, then the minor child (Gaskell) would automatically also become a Mexican citizen as per Vattel's Law of Nation, or if you correctly read your 1855 Act XXII of Congress it implies the same... Hence, Mitt Romney would have to prove that his great-grandpa, Miles Park Romney did not become a citizen of Mexico prior to Gaskell (Mitt's grandfather) turning the age of 21. If Gaskell reached this 21st birthday prior to Miles Park Romney becoming a Mexican citizen then Mitt would have a chance at proclaiming Gaskell retained his American citizenship. However, until Mitt does, we have to assume that Miles Park Romney became a Mexican citizen prior to 1892, which would have been the year that Gaskell reached the age of 21.

In one of my earlier posts I uploaded a request for Mexican Residency for Mitt Romney’s other grandfather. I will print it here again:

I do not read Spanish but it is clear that the Pratts, the Romneys and Jones all had early residency agreements with the local, State and Federal Government of Mexico. If you get this blown up and discover that it is not an application for permanent residency in Mexico please let me know. Until then I declare that this is proof positive that Miles Park Romney and the rest of the Mexican colony became full citizens of Mexico and therefore Gaskell Romney became a citizen of Mexico as per the laws in effect in the United States as well as in Mexico.

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  1. I too have been reading over the documents about the challenge to George W. as he was preparing to run for US President. That documents outcome was that George W. was not "natural born".

    All of this is based on the facts that prior to the early 1900's citizenship of the father was controlling factor ("jus sanguinis").

    None of those hearings touched on the citizenship or lack thereof of the ancestors who fled to Mexico for whatever reasons.

    My doubt also remains with Miles Park Romney. I have a copy of the Mexican Constitution 1857 (a 2 part PDF some 228 pages). Unfortunately it is in Spanish the language I flunked in high school. I can find no documents that prove Miles lost or gave up his US citizenship.

    How one loses citizenship (modern records) do not seem to apply in this case.

    I did watch the program last night on the Romney's in Mexico and there was a very short clip with George W. claiming he was "natural born" apparently taken during the above congressional challenge.

    The other members of the Romney family left in Mexico today seem to believe they are also citizens of the US as well as Mexico. That program is saved to DVR so I will watch it again.