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You are my only “friendly” person of Latino descent that I can trust to give me a good partial translation of this “request of citizenship” for Mr. Helaman Pratt, the great-grandfather of Mitt Romney. I have sent you a couple of my posts concerning my battle to expose Mitt Romney as NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

The Spanish translation that I am hoping you do for me, can be found at:

For your ease in finding the document here it is:

As you can see, it is the request for citizenship/residency from the Mexican Residency. This Helaman Pratt was the son of PARLEY P. PRATT. Parley is described in Wikipedia as: “Parley Parker Pratt, Sr. (12 April 1807 – 13 May 1857)[1] was a leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and an original member of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from 1835 until his murder in 1857.” Basically he is considered one of the founding fathers of the Mormon Church.

This is important to remember because Parley P. Pratt’s son, Helaman Pratt was also a founding father of the Mexican Mormon church. Helaman was ordained by President John Taylor (3rd Prophet of the Mormon Church) to become Mexican citizens and get involved in the Mexican government.

I get this information via a link on the same webpage which was authored by an unknown writer named “clinicalthinker.” I have addressed some remarks to her via my webpage, via a comment blog on her webpage.

The damning words against Mitt Romney is a paragraph found on a PRATT FAMILY GENEALOGY site at:

Here the Pratt family record the following:

Helaman’s duties with the exploration commission did not release him from his duties as Mission President. It was not until after the trouble with the Governor of Chihuahua that he was released and set apart by President Taylor to help in the colonization of the Saints in Mexico. In this new calling he worked hard to help the Saints get land, secure land titles, water rights, spearhead the building of canals, and ditches and all that was necessary to make their new home a happy and prosperous one. At the time he set Helaman apart, President Taylor told him that he was called until death released him, and that he was to become a Mexican citizen and take part in the government. Helaman accepted the call and all its ramifications .”

This, to me, is the death toll for Mitt Romney. It is clear from this ONE STATEMENT ALONE that all members of the Mormon colony were acting under the direction of the Prophet of the church and were to “become a Mexican citizen and take part in the government.”

As a long time LDS member myself…it is not likely that the members of the church that lived in this Mexican Mormon colony (aka Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico) without all complying with the instructions of the Prophet of the Church. Or at least they would not comply for 25-30 years without being outed from the “Mexican LDS Stake” at some point.

So could you please translate the above document for me?

Thank you,

Edward C. Noonan
2012 President


To: Ms. Clinicalthinker

I left you a link to this post at your webpage found at: . You small “comment” block was unacceptable to me, and I wanted to comment on your webpage in more detail than was allowed at your page so this is why my COMMENT is found here at my webpage,

First of all, I want to commend you, yet condemn you at the same time. I commend you for your great post and your super ROMNEY NOT NATURAL BORN CITIZEN research. However, I am going also condemn you for being so “iffy” about your accusations that MAYBE Mitt Romney is MAYBE not eligible to be qualified for the Presidency. I urge you to change your mindset and be more strong in your pronouncement that the Romney family were expatriated from the United States AT THE ORDER AND CALLING OF THE PROPHET JOHN TAYLOR!

Helaman Pratt was under the direct orders of the Prophet John Taylor to renounce their citizenship and seek, and maintain the citizenship of the Nation of Mexico. (See my proof to Alice above.)

It should be stated in no uncertain terms that all that lived in the Colonia Dublan (Mexican) settlement were all Mexican Citizens and all had renounced their US Citizenship. But even that may not be true. It is my personal opinion that the Federal Government during the periods of 1870-1893 or so, stripped the “American citizenship” from all LDS that practiced polygamy. This, of course, was in direct violation of their 1st Amendment rights, but nevertheless it happened and thousands of LDS members were stripped of their voting rights, holding office rights, property ownership rights and were taken to prison and held without a fair trial. So even if they members of Colonia Dublan in Chihuahua, Mexico did not give up their citizenship, the US government stripped it from them.

I am having problems about my condemning the Prophet John Taylor for not being more active in condemning Chester Arthur for being an illegal DE FACTO thug that took the White House without the proper qualifications. Arthur was sired by a foreign national (like Soetoro) and can never, never, never be considered a Natural Born Citizen. Of course, Taylor was being hounded by the US Government and he was in hiding for the last few years of his life. The Helaman Pratt diary shows that President Taylor was floating around Mexico quite a bit. I wonder if Taylor actually gave up his US Citizenship as well and became a Mexican citizen? But it doesn’t matter…neither he nor his Taylor descendants are running for POTUS.

But then again, I am secretly (I cannot proclaim my inner thoughts without being cast out of the church) condemning President Monson for not being more proactive in pointing out that that Constitution is in extreme peril (if not completely dead) with Soetoro being in office. If Soetoro is not qualified to hold the office, none of the Marxist bills that he has signed during the last 3 years have a valid signature of a President as mandated by the US Constitution. I cringed when I read the news story of President Monson presenting Soetoro with a false copy of the Soetoro “genealogy.” I am a firm believer in the assertion that Seotoro was born in Kenyan and that there is no proof that he was born in Hawaii. The LDS genealogy probably proclaims Seotoro was born in Hawaii…I say “probably” because Seotoro is still alive so his records will be scrubbed until 28 years after his death (and no one can see them except close family members). So I imagine these genealogical lies will be remain in the churches records for many years to come.

At anyrate, good article! Good Research! However, be more firm in your charge that Mitt Romney in no uncertain terms can consider himself a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN…therefore he cannot run for POTUS and he cannot uphold the US Constitution in good conscience. If he does, he will merely continue the lies and deceit that this corrupt nation has fallen prey too.

(s) Edward C. Noonan
2012 President


  1. (pt1)
    Hello Mr. Noonan,

    First let me address the address you left on my site.
    It links back to a log in for your blog. I got here by using this address instead.
    I will change that so my visitors can also read your comments.

    I am also going to take this article and add it to my website article.
    I must admit I will have to read it again and really dig in to what you are saying about the Profits.
    That is important … clearly you have further information than what I was able to dig up on my own.

    Second issue is the MAYBE.
    For me and others viewing this problem there is a key deciding factor missing.

    Did George Romney naturalize when he returned or did he file repatriation papers of some kind?

    I could find none ... that however does not mean there are none. Therefore the MAYBE.

    My blog is small written essentially by an unknown. I do get an average page view of 120,000 a month with the most requested being the "NBC" issue of all parties at risk.

    Doing my best to be accurate is key TO ME ... since my visitor I believe comes because of that trust. As you know our media is filled with propaganda, lies and spin now.

    It is difficult for the public to know who to trust any-longer.

    I have taken the name ClinicalThinker because it means "thinking without emotion". The discipline to look at the FACTS as they are and not what you want them to be.

    I have been accused by many that my opinion on this matter sucks. My counter to those comments is simple. No I report FACTS ... FACTS have very little to do with opinion unless you are ranting on past the FACT.

    So my opinion after reading all of the reams of data I can find? ... George Romney IS NOT a "natural born citizen".

    Personally I have nothing against the man. It appears he is a wonderful role model for the family ... most Mormons are.

    However him running and spouting the Constitution tosses in "corrupt" to his character.
    Again I would opt for maybe only because I have not talked to him personally. With my behavioral/psychological background I know for a fact people have reasons THEY CONSIDER VALID for doing what they do. Are those reasons valid … depends on whose perspective you are looking at … seldom are they for the person spouting them. Rationalization is a big part of society today.

  2. (pt2)
    My question is always WHY?
    What is the motivation?
    Romney himself could be ignorant of the NBC facts. Probably 2/3 to 3/4 of the population are. I do not blame them. The legal jargon alone is mind freezing.

    I have experienced it myself in reading the supreme court cases, the congressional records and whatever else I can find on the subject.

    The reason I have taken the time to do the research is to simplify the data. Bring it to a "see spot run" level where the average guy off the street can again understand a "very simple issue" that is made so complicated it is mind numbing.

    If you have yet to bang into the real opposition we all face with Obama as well as Romney you might want to check out the melee a comment I made caused here:

    This is the heart of the brainwashed progressive movement.
    They are lost to reason … they are the “useful idiots” we face.
    We can not change them we simply MUST OUTNUMBER THEM.

    Interestingly they are not that many … they are simply loud and without the ability to apply common logic. They will argue until the cows come home red is actually green when it has a big fat “I AM RED” label on it.
    That is the reason these “useful idiots” were marked for extermination when the Marxist dictators were finished with them.

    Last I commend those of you who are bringing these issues into the court system because YOU DO HAVE STANDING no matter how you choose to run for President (using whatever avenue).

    Good Luck and please keep me posted :)

    Not simply on this subject but all other societal issues in play now.

  3. I find that hard to believe. George Romney MUST have studied this matter until he was blue in the face. Surely he knew every arguement, every dit and every dot about the matter the press was hammering him with. The Romney family surely has a firm grasp on this subject.

    I think it is merely a scam and the are all practiced at getting their own way. George Romney ended up with lots of cash in his pants... and therefore could buy off most of the media... yet he lost the bid for the POTUS so it drifted off into never/never land.

    And there must be as much knowledge with the Mitt Romney group. I cannot believe the Romney family can recite line after line of rebuttal to every question thrown at them about the NBC issue.

    I do, however, find it incredible that you and I and may a few dozen others throughout the US have brought this matter up. There are only three reasons why our group is so small... it would be that the other 300 million Americans are either TOO STUPID, TOO CORRUPT OR JUST DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Mostly I think it is the latter.

  4. I find nothing hard to believe any longer.

    I agree ... like Barack Obama my guess would be they all have studied this issue until they are blue in the face

    Their only hope is to con the mass. They are doing a great job at it so far.

    Do you for a second think they do not know the majority of the population WILL NOT bother to look into any of this?

    I also would tend to go along with the I DON'T CARE logic.
    Because most of the mass has NEVER DONE WITHOUT FREEDOM.
    Until the bomb hits in their own personal back yard they simply go along with whatever program is foisted on them.

    Believe me when I tell you I debate until I AM blue in the face with people over what is going on here in the US.

    It's better to vote for Romney rather than have Obama for another 4 years.
    It's better to accept another crook (same old same old) over Obama?

    I know only one thing for certain in this election. If the ticket is heads up between Obama and Romney. I will vote for Obama.

    That in my opinion is the best of 2 evils.

  5. Ouch!

    That makes no sense! If you had to vote between Romney and would vote for Obama? I am then assuming you feel one of the other 5 GOP candidates have a firmer grasp on the Constitution as will for once, after 150+ years finally return to having the Constitution the Supreme Law of the land?

    I doubt it. It will be just the same ole, same ole. If Paul, Santorum, Perry, Bauchmann, or Newt gets in, the shadow government in charge of the GOP will still be in charge. And too, the sheeple GOPers in Congress will still be there. The same corrupt Supreme Court will still be using their thumb to clamp down against any GOPer that attempts to change the status quo.

    And I bet you have never even considered voting for me...or helping me get on the ballot. I would indeed shut down the public tough. My job would be to VETO every bill, every act, every tax increase. It would take a 2/3rds vote to override my veto. The public employees would scream and yell once their bloated socialist government shuts down! Can you imagine how hated I would be for taking an act to the government dole?

    Well, this is just my pitch to consider going truely independent and TRULY vote for smaller taxes and a smaller corrupt government. I cannot completely get rid of all of the corruption that abounds in Washington, but at least I could somewhat cut off the purse strings of the evil doers that slink around the "Halls of Hell" in DC.

    Edward C. Noonan

  6. Mr. Noonan you and Ron Paul are in the same boat. If either of you were elected to office the established congress would make you both lame ducks.

    So essentially I believe we are screwed no matter what happens.

    Personally I would choose to see the total collapse tomorrow over 10 years from now.

    BTW ... I heard Rick Santorum say in a speech tonight his Grandfather came to the USA and lived in PA. Then sent for his father after a few years. That leads me to believe Santorum's father might not have been naturalized when Rick was born.

    Gee whizz this gets worse and worse no wonder no one is making this issue a cause.