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War with Iran is near...

from: Edward C. Noonan
To: Rich
date: Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 11:08 AM
subject: Re: McDonough on WCBM tonight......

On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 8:05 PM, Rich wrote:

near the close of his show McDonough(MD. politician) said that he had a strong feeling that things were about to happen in the Middle East.. he said that our Navy has arrived and a possible war with Iran was close!! he also said that it will affect our country and destroy our economy(too late) when oil jumps to 10 bucks a barrel!!

Sure sounds to me like they are setting the stage for Martial Law...........



I would heartily agree with McDonough's assessment of the looming war with Iran. And yes, the war with Iran has been rumored for several years...since George Bush Sr at least (if not prior).

And the financial crisis to our country will be "the last straw" in our doomed economy. The $15 Trillion debt we currently are oppressed with, will double if not triple within a year or two of the war with Iran. Our current $15 trillion debt will seem like "the good old days" when our debt was NOT $30 TRILLION OR $60 TRILLION. The reason I say this, is that Iran is a puppet state of both Russia and China. Because of this, our war will be against both China and Russian The only white lining to this dark cloud is that Iran, Russia and China will also be financially strapped for cash as soon as a vicious war commences.

The follow is reported on the internet of each of their economies:

Iranian economy:

TEHRAN, Iran — An escalation in war rhetoric in recent weeks, coupled with increasingly punitive measures taken by the US and Europe against Iran’s ability to do business with the rest of the world, is wreaking havoc on the Iranian economy.

Each day brings new price hikes as confidence in the Iranian currency, the rial, diminishes dramatically.

“It’s bad for us, too. In the past, Iran produced everything we needed. Now we don’t even grow enough rice,” said Hamed, who runs his family’s market in central Tehran. “We have to pay more to import goods for our customers. Unfortunately that means higher prices.”

In the week since US President Barack Obama signed new legislation that included provisions to impose trade sanctions on Iran’s central bank, which would in effect cut it off completely from the global banking system, there is a heightened sense of concern that the country may be on a path to confrontation with Western powers, including the US and Israel.

Chinese economy:

"A looming hard landing in China will bring the financial and economic crisis of the past five years to a climax in 2012, one of the City of London's leading analysts has warned.

Albert Edwards, head of strategy at Société Générale and one of the UK's leading "bears", said the next 12 months would be the "final year of pain and disappointment".

Predicting a sharp slowdown in activity in the world's fastest-growing emerging economy, Edwards said: "There is a likelihood of a China hard landing this year. It is hard to think 2013 and onwards will be any worse than this year if China hard-lands."

Russian economy:

"The World Bank downgraded on Thursday the forecast for Russia's economic growth in 2011 to 4 percent from 4.4 percent. The bank also lowered its forecast for Russia's GDP in 2012 from 4.0 to 3.8 percent due to expected falling oil prices."

[end quotes]

The stupidity of it all, is that Soetoro is bringing the troops home from Iraq and we will merely need to have them return so that we can maintain promised protection of our ally Israel. It is my prediction that Israel will be nuked by the Iranians...and then the dog poopie will really hit the fan!

And NO, YOU ARE WRONG... as is McDonough. Gas will not be a mere $10 per gallon. It will soar to $15 to $20 per gallon! "That" my friend, is what no one is heard it first from me!

Edward C. Noonan

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