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Today I donated $10 to my own LEGAL DEFENSE FUND

Today I donated $10 to my own LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. The fund will be used to hire a high profile attorney to represent "The California 7" in an upcoming OBAMA BALLOT CHALLENGE. We are sure to lose because we are going up against the entire PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA. This Leftist government is headed by people like Gov. Jerry Brown, Debra Bowen (SoS), Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Feinstein and many, many other far left comrades.

This same group trashed our constitution in 2008 by placing in office an unqualified, and ineligible candidate named Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama.) Mr. Soetoro had a father that was a foreign national of Kenya. Hence, Mr. Soetoro can NEVER be qualified to hold the office of POTUS.

But we cannot let the Democrat Leftists get away with trampling on our U.S. Constitution. They need to be stopped, or at least we need to put up a good battle... So seven of us have taken on the California traitors with a Common Law WRIT OF MANDATE.

At first we thought we could have a chance, but after we saw what happended in Georgia, the seven of us have decided to hire Mr. Klayman to represent us. Of course, he needs to be paid for his labor and his time.

Therefore, I need to help raise $12,5000 in the next seven days so we can put him on retainer. I need people (YOU) to donate to our legal defense fund.

I do not ask you to do anything that I would not do. I started the fund out myself. I donated $10 to get it started. That is all I ask from you as well. JUST $10! If I can find 1,249 more patriots that will donate $10 each, we will have it in the bag! (If you can donate more, please do!)

Here is my proof that I put my money where my mouth is:

Please stand with me. Please donate and then FORWARD this email to 10-100 of the people in your email address book. If Soetoro wins in November, the battle is over. You will have lost America forever.

Please donate now...


Please make your check made payable to Article II Legal Defense Fund and mail to:

(If mailing in your contribution please note on the check or money order it is for the California 7 ballot challenge)

Article II Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 940672
Simi Valley, CA. 93094

Or you may make a secure online donation here:

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romney NOT Natural Born Citizen!

Dear Mr Weller:

Thank you for your phone inquiry this morning. I too am concerned about Mr. Romney's lack of addressing the matter of him NOT being a natural born citizen. I have been writing on the matter for some time now. You can read more at:

And I have been offering many COMMENTS at:

One of the groups that I am involved in also have been sounding the warning at:

One of the problems that we are running against is the so-called conservative "GOP" supporters like World Net Daily (WND) who proclaim that Romney is NATURAL BORN. This is totally bogus because when Miles Romney became a Mexican citizen, his son, Gaskell Romney (Mitt's grandfather),
then 14 years of age, automatically lost his citizenship and became a Mexican citizen as well.

Miles Romney willingly gave up his US Citizenship and became a Mexican citizen at the request of the LDS Church. The law at the time required that if anyone became "property owners" or had children in Mexico they automatically became Mexican citizens... Miles Romney had his first child (stillborn) in Mexico in 1883. He then had other children born in Mexico, which included, Erma Romney b. 1893, Mexico and then Vernon Romney b. 1896, Mexico.

Furthermore, Gaskell (formerly US born) had 4 children born in Mexico. Gaskell's first child was Douglas Pratt Romney b. 1899, Mexico; Miles Pratt Romney b. 1904, Mexico; George Romney (Mitt's father) b. Mexico, 1907; Lawrence Romney b. 1909, Mexico.

There is no possibility that Miles Romney, nor Gaskell Romney, nor George Romney could possibly be considered US Citizens during the twenty years they colonized Mexico for the LDS Church.

WND has been guilty of rendering a disservice to the American people by not doing their research better. They should have been as faithful with the research towards Romney, Santorum, and Marco Rubio as they were against Soetoro (aka BHO) ineligibility. At least they are correct
on the matter of Marco Rubio being a non-natural born citizen. (He was born BEFORE his parents became US Citizens.)

We are in great need of donations so we can hire a high profile attorney (Larry Klayman) to represent us (the CALIFORNIA 7) in our upcoming Writ of Mandate challenge to keep Obama off the ballot in California. If you could support us on this matter OBAMA BALLOT CHALLENGE then we would greatly appreciate it.

Send to:

CALIFORNIA 7 Obama Ballot Challenge

Please make your check made payable to
Article II Legal Defense Fund and mail to:

( If mailing in your contribution please note on the check or
money order it is for the California ballot challenge )

Article II Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 940672
Simi Valley, CA. 93094

Or you may make a secure online donation here below:



Edward C. Noonan
President 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Civil War? …BETWEEN WHO?

The US Census states there are 42 million blacks. Wikipedia also states there are 223,500,000 million whites. There is a 5 to 1 superiority between the numbers of white over black so I cannot believe that “civil war” would be feared by the well armed “white masses” and the lesser numbered blacks.

So could this civil war the FBI and DHS keep talking about is between the Democrats and Republicans? The PEW Research Center claims 36% identify themselves as Democrats, 27% as Republican. But this is hardly a superior force. And too, the Dems AREN’T ARMED and most are unwilling to go to war. They have allowed themselves to be declawed and they have no teeth… and Republicans? They have been neutered as well. I base my argument on the piece:

Illegal aliens could be the bogymen that will start this so-called civil war. CAP claimed in 2007 that there were somewhere from 20-38 million illegal aliens in the US. This was 5 years ago so even if there are now 25 to 50 million illegal aliens, this could be a formidable force against us… but that would be an INVASION not a civil war.

Most of what I read seems to indicate that the Federal government fears people like me the most (a veteran & Constitutionalist.) Two months (in 4/2009) after Soetoro stole the White House the new Department of Homeland Security issued a report claiming they feared "returning veterans" the most.

This DHS report was reported on by WND. See:

Now we fast forward to 2011. Just two months ago there was a bill before congress that "any American citizen anywhere deemed a terrorist could be a target." This bill was called the NDAA and was finally signed and instituted into DE FACTO law by Soetoro.

The internet says, "...Alex Jones personally documented how U.S. troops were being trained to arrest U.S. citizens in the event of martial law during urban warfare training drills back in the 90's. Under the National Defense Authorization Act bill, no declaration of martial law is necessary since Americans would now be subject to the same treatment as suspected insurgents in places like Afghanistan and Iraq."

It is no secret that the Feds have determined that any veteran, constitutionalist, Independent Conservative, or religious faithful are terrorist prospects and therefore have the eye of our governments seeking out such individuals and groups.

As early as 2001 the Federal Government seemed to be afraid of AMERICANS. There was a much discussed TERORIST FLYER that had been put out by the FBI and the Sheriff's Department in Arizona. Little was said about the massive invasion of the incoming illegal aliens (under Bushes watch) but instead, Constitutionalists were the group that the FBI feared the most.

[page 1]

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Of course, Ruby Ridge and Waco, and Oklahoma City became the proof that many people and groups distrusted the Federally-armed police-state.

Katrina was a big factor in the distrust that most Americans now feel for their government. FEMA showed their true colors during this event. I don’t need to explain WHAT THE FEDS DID WRONG and how they overstepped their unconstitutional authority (that they never had!)

Personal Liberty Digest in November 2011 stated, "The Department of Justice and FBI have even sent a form to military-surplus stores describing how to identify suspicious people and instructing them to watch for those who pay with cash; are missing fingers; have a strange smell; make bulk purchases of ammunition, meals ready to eat and flashlights; or who express a concern about privacy."

So it is no surprise that by today (Feb 2012) “Civil war” is a frequent term being bantered about. They know if the promise of an Iranian "dirty bomb" or any other sort of terrorist attack is commenced then they will be answerable to the American people. There will be a violent uprising to match the outrage regarding the damage to our country. Our insane open-border policy will come back and bite the Federal government in their behinds, and the people will hold their feet to the fire. I do not believe that anyone in the Federal government can escape the wrath of the people when the dog-poop finally hits the fan.

And this Soetoro mess has made it almost impossible for ANYONE in the Federal government to escape any accusations of corruption, fraud and treason.

It gets worse day by day and the Federal, State and local governments (Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller puppets) are beginning to FEAR THE PEOPLE. And they deserve all of the back-lash that will soon come. I don't know if it will be from the "terrorist" veterans or the "terrorist" flea-baggers (with Occupy Wall Street), or whoever, but it is coming and it will be starting soon!

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012


On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 2:07 PM, Pamela Barnett wrote:

Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 has posted a new item, 'Were FBI Agents
Carrying Out Orders When They Said That Enforcing the Constitution Regarding Obama Would Cause a Civil War?'

By Pamela Barnett

Were FBI Agents Carrying Out Orders When They Said That Enforcing the
Constitution Regarding Obama Would Cause a Civil War? Was Judge Malihi Told the Same Thing By Federal Government Operatives? Is Obama’s new tactic to stay in the White House illegally to threaten Civil War if he is unseated from his illegal [...]

You may view the latest post at

Best regards,
Pamela Barnett

Friday, February 3, 2012

Will we not knock Mitt Romney out as a candidate?

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 2:20 PM, Sharon Chickering wrote:

When our case is won in CA will we not knock Mitt Romney out as a candidate? His father was born in Mexico.

Sharon C.


We will NOT win!

We are merely the RESISTANCE of a corrupt, evil enitity called the United States Corporation of Amerika. The courts are a part of the festering unscrupulousness from the Supreme Court on down to the minor court-clowns like Malihi in Georgia. If you do a GOOGLE SEARCH or any kind of a search on this bozo you find NOTHING! He is insignificant and mundane! Yet he has just done his part in flushing the US Constitution down the cesspool drain of the Georgia Secretary of State's toilet.

And it is very appropriate that just today a CBS affiliate reminded everyone of a Provo, UT artist's painting done in 2009. It is entitled the "Forgotten Man."

Here it is:

Here it shows Soetoro standing on the Constitution and James Madison attempting to get Soetoro to remove his dirty footware from our once proud document. The CBS news group made this a mockery and wanted to "put funny captions thereon."

I am familiar with Jon McNaughton's artwork. Back in 2009 he had another painting of his. It was called "One Nation Under God." This painting was being displayed in the BYU bookstore and the manager of the store had it pulled down because he thought it was "too controversial." Huh?... See it here:


I wrote to BYU and complained that I thought it was in poor taste to condemn a fellow LDS member for "being too political." Of course, I get that a lot from my own LDS Ward. They say "I'm too controversial as well."

And then we have this sorry jack-wagon-shyster-judge in Georgia that now is declaring that Soetoro is a "natural born citizen."


And what about GEORGE ROMNEY? Yes, the same condition exists with his candidacy. HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN (NBC).

I spoke with my friend, Mark Seidenberg yesterday. (State Party Chairman of the American Independent Party) We discussed this matter. He agrees that Romney is not a NBC. His take is that Gaskell Romney (grandfather to Mitt) is in the same boat as John McCain. Gaskell married in a private ceremony outside of the official Mexican Registry. Marriages are ONLY recognized as those certified by the CIVIL authorities and NOT just by the Catholic church. And since most marriages within the Mormon Colony called "Colonia Dublán," which is located in Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico were performed outside the jurisdiction of the Mexican civil autorities then there was no officially sanctioned marriages in the Mormon Colony (especially polygamy marriages.)

And too, in 1880 as soon as Gaskell's father became a Mexican Citizen, any children and the wife(s) AUTOMATICALLY assumed the citizenship of the father. Gaskell was a 14 year old minor and could not keep his US citizenship. He would have followed the citizenship of his father. Chester Arthur falls into the same boat. He became a British subject because he too had to follow the citizenship of the father, as did Chester Arthur's mother. When Arthur's mother married William Arthur in 1820 she became a British subject and lost her American citizenship as per the Law of Nations (Vattel.)

Seidenberg is going to go to Chihuahua, Mexico soon and look for a Mexican marriage certificate for Gaskell. There will probably be no such document found (that is my guess.) He is looking for someone to go with him since he neither speaks or writes Spanish. I recommended a friend of mine in Douglas, AZ named Alice Novoa-Benson.

He is going to attempt to find some citizenship records for the family as well.

So I just consider this Malihi matter merely another dark moment in the never ending fall of Amerika.

Here is a photo I tied together with a common quip:

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This pin-head named William McGuffage


The word is now out...the Illinois State Board of Elections ruled that Soetoro is a Natural Born because of the bogus Birth Certificate that was dangled out in front of America last April 27th, 2011. The only reason given is because Mr. William McGuffage of the Illinois State Election Board SAYS SO!

Therefore, all of us "Constitutionalists" are bemoaning the fact that "we were ruled against!"

But what can we expect? This pin-head named William McGuffage (Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Elections(SBC)) was the same felon that got us into this mess in the first place.

In 2008-2009 McGuffage was on the Election Board Committee that connived to get Soetoro on the ballot knowing full well there had been an outcry against the ineligibility of Mr. Soetoro. McGuffage was well aware of the loud public outcry back why are we surprised that he is currently in CYA mode? (Cover Your A@@). How could he have ruled otherwise? McGuffage was and is right in the middle of the controversy and therefore should have recused himself in this Feb 2, 2012 hearing! So out of self-preservation McGuffage pretends to have superior knowledge and rules in favor of himself...and against Jackson!

Here are some Jan 20th, 2009 Election Board documents showing him being on the board committee that allowed Soetoro on the ballot in the first place. This clip is a partial page, but the entire set of 2008-2009 documents can be found at:

As you can see, McGuffage was slyly on the Elections Board during the time of Soetoro's theft of the White House.

The Illinois SBE was slapped down by the Illinois Appellate Court - 2nd District. In the Du Page County Election Commission v. State Board of Elections (McGuffage et al), the court ruled against McGuffage's cabal. The court said, "The State Board of Elections is the administrative agency charged with administering the Election Code. Ill. Const. 1970, art. III, §5; 10 ILCS 5/1A--1 (West 2002); 10 ILCS 5/1A--8(12) (West 2002) (stating that defendants are to "[s]upervise the administration of the registration and election laws throughout the State"). As we have said, the criteria that give rise to the presumption of correctness of an agency's interpretation of a statute have been met in this case. Because defendants' interpretation is reasonable, and not erroneous, and because plaintiff has not presented any arguments that persuade us that defendants' interpretation should not be given deference, we adopt defendants' interpretation of the amendment provision of section 7--14." See

It is clear that the Illinois State Board of Elections has a long history of overstepping their bounds and being in error, this should show the average reader that the Elections board is far from being perfect.
As for today's ruling which determined that Michael Jackson did not deserve a "fair hearing" and that the Illinois State Board of Elections has the authority to trump the US Constitution, and that the Illinois State Board of Elections is the "Supreme Law of the Land," shows me that the Elections Board are felons and traitors to America.
Here are some laws the Illinois Election Boards are ignorant of:



15 (b) FALSE INFORMATION IN REGISTERING AND VOTING.—Any individual who knowingly commits fraud or knowingly makes a false statement with respect to the naturalization, citizenry, or alien registry of such individual in violation of section 1015 of title 18, United States Code, shall be fined or imprisoned, or both, in accordance with such section.


CITE 18 USC Sec. 1015



Sec. 1015. Naturalization, citizenship or alien registry


(a) Whoever knowingly makes any false statement under oath, in
any case, proceeding, or matter relating to, or under, or by virtue
of any law of the United States relating to naturalization,
citizenship, or registry of aliens; or
(b) Whoever knowingly, with intent to avoid any duty or liability
imposed or required by law, denies that he has been naturalized or
admitted to be a citizen, after having been so naturalized or
admitted; or
(c) Whoever uses or attempts to use any certificate of arrival,
declaration of intention, certificate of naturalization,
certificate of citizenship or other documentary evidence of
naturalization or of citizenship, or any duplicate or copy thereof,
knowing the same to have been procured by fraud or false evidence
or without required appearance or hearing of the applicant in court
or otherwise unlawfully obtained; or
(d) Whoever knowingly makes any false certificate, acknowledgment
or statement concerning the appearance before him or the taking of
an oath or affirmation or the signature, attestation or execution
by any person with respect to any application, declaration,
petition, affidavit, deposition, certificate of naturalization,
certificate of citizenship or other paper or writing required or
authorized by the laws relating to immigration, naturalization,
citizenship, or registry of aliens; or
(e) Whoever knowingly makes any false statement or claim that he
is, or at any time has been, a citizen or national of the United
States, with the intent to obtain on behalf of himself, or any
other person, any Federal or State benefit or service, or to engage
unlawfully in employment in the United States; or
(f) Whoever knowingly makes any false statement or claim that he
is a citizen of the United States in order to register to vote or
to vote in any Federal, State, or local election (including an
initiative, recall, or referendum) -
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five
years, or both. Subsection (f) does not apply to an alien if each
natural parent of the alien (or, in the case of an adopted alien,
each adoptive parent of the alien) is or was a citizen (whether by
birth or naturalization), the alien permanently resided in the
United States prior to attaining the age of 16, and the alien
reasonably believed at the time of making the false statement or
claim that he or she was a citizen of the United States.


As far as I am concerned, Mr. Soetoro (aka BHO) was born in Kenya. He failed to produce a legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii. So until this matter is resolved, he will indeed be deemed a citizen of Kenya and has no citizenship in the US. Else he is a citizen of Indonesia. In either case he fails to qualify for the office of POTUS.

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012 (Natural Born Citizen)


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On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 12:47 PM, Pamela Barnett wrote:

Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 has posted a new item, 'Illinois State Board of Elections erroneously rules Obama Natural Born because of Birth Certificate'

The Illinois State Board of Elections today ignored Supreme Court Precedent
Minor v. Happersett and declared Obama a Natural Born Citizen. The Board would not allow Michael Jackson to speak and illegally excluded his Exception from their ruling. Michael Jackson is disabled and needs a Constitutional attorney to take this to court ASAP. Contact me [...]

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