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Will we not knock Mitt Romney out as a candidate?

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 2:20 PM, Sharon Chickering wrote:

When our case is won in CA will we not knock Mitt Romney out as a candidate? His father was born in Mexico.

Sharon C.


We will NOT win!

We are merely the RESISTANCE of a corrupt, evil enitity called the United States Corporation of Amerika. The courts are a part of the festering unscrupulousness from the Supreme Court on down to the minor court-clowns like Malihi in Georgia. If you do a GOOGLE SEARCH or any kind of a search on this bozo you find NOTHING! He is insignificant and mundane! Yet he has just done his part in flushing the US Constitution down the cesspool drain of the Georgia Secretary of State's toilet.

And it is very appropriate that just today a CBS affiliate reminded everyone of a Provo, UT artist's painting done in 2009. It is entitled the "Forgotten Man."

Here it is:

Here it shows Soetoro standing on the Constitution and James Madison attempting to get Soetoro to remove his dirty footware from our once proud document. The CBS news group made this a mockery and wanted to "put funny captions thereon."

I am familiar with Jon McNaughton's artwork. Back in 2009 he had another painting of his. It was called "One Nation Under God." This painting was being displayed in the BYU bookstore and the manager of the store had it pulled down because he thought it was "too controversial." Huh?... See it here:


I wrote to BYU and complained that I thought it was in poor taste to condemn a fellow LDS member for "being too political." Of course, I get that a lot from my own LDS Ward. They say "I'm too controversial as well."

And then we have this sorry jack-wagon-shyster-judge in Georgia that now is declaring that Soetoro is a "natural born citizen."


And what about GEORGE ROMNEY? Yes, the same condition exists with his candidacy. HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN (NBC).

I spoke with my friend, Mark Seidenberg yesterday. (State Party Chairman of the American Independent Party) We discussed this matter. He agrees that Romney is not a NBC. His take is that Gaskell Romney (grandfather to Mitt) is in the same boat as John McCain. Gaskell married in a private ceremony outside of the official Mexican Registry. Marriages are ONLY recognized as those certified by the CIVIL authorities and NOT just by the Catholic church. And since most marriages within the Mormon Colony called "Colonia Dublán," which is located in Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico were performed outside the jurisdiction of the Mexican civil autorities then there was no officially sanctioned marriages in the Mormon Colony (especially polygamy marriages.)

And too, in 1880 as soon as Gaskell's father became a Mexican Citizen, any children and the wife(s) AUTOMATICALLY assumed the citizenship of the father. Gaskell was a 14 year old minor and could not keep his US citizenship. He would have followed the citizenship of his father. Chester Arthur falls into the same boat. He became a British subject because he too had to follow the citizenship of the father, as did Chester Arthur's mother. When Arthur's mother married William Arthur in 1820 she became a British subject and lost her American citizenship as per the Law of Nations (Vattel.)

Seidenberg is going to go to Chihuahua, Mexico soon and look for a Mexican marriage certificate for Gaskell. There will probably be no such document found (that is my guess.) He is looking for someone to go with him since he neither speaks or writes Spanish. I recommended a friend of mine in Douglas, AZ named Alice Novoa-Benson.

He is going to attempt to find some citizenship records for the family as well.

So I just consider this Malihi matter merely another dark moment in the never ending fall of Amerika.

Here is a photo I tied together with a common quip:

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012

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