Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romney NOT Natural Born Citizen!

Dear Mr Weller:

Thank you for your phone inquiry this morning. I too am concerned about Mr. Romney's lack of addressing the matter of him NOT being a natural born citizen. I have been writing on the matter for some time now. You can read more at:

And I have been offering many COMMENTS at:

One of the groups that I am involved in also have been sounding the warning at:

One of the problems that we are running against is the so-called conservative "GOP" supporters like World Net Daily (WND) who proclaim that Romney is NATURAL BORN. This is totally bogus because when Miles Romney became a Mexican citizen, his son, Gaskell Romney (Mitt's grandfather),
then 14 years of age, automatically lost his citizenship and became a Mexican citizen as well.

Miles Romney willingly gave up his US Citizenship and became a Mexican citizen at the request of the LDS Church. The law at the time required that if anyone became "property owners" or had children in Mexico they automatically became Mexican citizens... Miles Romney had his first child (stillborn) in Mexico in 1883. He then had other children born in Mexico, which included, Erma Romney b. 1893, Mexico and then Vernon Romney b. 1896, Mexico.

Furthermore, Gaskell (formerly US born) had 4 children born in Mexico. Gaskell's first child was Douglas Pratt Romney b. 1899, Mexico; Miles Pratt Romney b. 1904, Mexico; George Romney (Mitt's father) b. Mexico, 1907; Lawrence Romney b. 1909, Mexico.

There is no possibility that Miles Romney, nor Gaskell Romney, nor George Romney could possibly be considered US Citizens during the twenty years they colonized Mexico for the LDS Church.

WND has been guilty of rendering a disservice to the American people by not doing their research better. They should have been as faithful with the research towards Romney, Santorum, and Marco Rubio as they were against Soetoro (aka BHO) ineligibility. At least they are correct
on the matter of Marco Rubio being a non-natural born citizen. (He was born BEFORE his parents became US Citizens.)

We are in great need of donations so we can hire a high profile attorney (Larry Klayman) to represent us (the CALIFORNIA 7) in our upcoming Writ of Mandate challenge to keep Obama off the ballot in California. If you could support us on this matter OBAMA BALLOT CHALLENGE then we would greatly appreciate it.

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