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Re: Mitt Romney is not a natural born citizen


As a long time LDS GENEALOGIST (I was my LDS Ward's Family Genealogist Specialist for a couple of years)...and I have been doing Genealogy since I was in my 20's - which gives me nearly 40 years of experience...I find the Romney "AMERICAN" genealogy to be troubling, if not downright LIES.

The Romney family stories and the entire Internet claim that Mitt Romney's parents were "American Citizens." That is a lot of hogwash, and the Romney family needs to do some genuine genealogy on their family to PROVE their claim of American Citizenship.

Let's start with Mitt Romney's maternal grandfather, Helaman Pratt (son of Parley P. Pratt). Helaman is noted in the LDS website with a death in Mexico in 1907 in Mexico. His daughter, Anna, who married Gaskell Romney (Mitt's grandfather) has two LDS familysearch birth places: 1) Germany in 1854 and 2) Salt Lake City 1853. I believe #1 more than I believe #2.

What is strange is that Helaman supposedly was born either in Scotland, Canada, or Iowa (according to the LDS site). None of the sources are documented so it is a goosey-loosey genealogy.

On the Paternal side, Gaskell's father, Miles was born in England and died in 1904 in Mexico. Gaskell's mother, Hannah Hood Hill was documented to have been born in Canada in 1842. She died in Mexico in 1928-9.

Miles and Hannah did not appear to have been polygamists. But many of their family were. This is why they went to Arizona and then on to Mexico. Miles had a father also named MILES was a polygamist and had about 17-20 wives.

Gaskell Romney seems to have been indeed been born in St George, UT (1871). However at the age of 11, Gaskell moved with his parents to the Arizona Territory (1884). and then a year later Gaskell shows up in Mexico and remained there for the next 29 years of his life.

Gaskell Romney could possible be considered either an anchor baby, or else his parents actually were naturalized in Utah. I find no records where they were I am not convinced yet that Gaskell was a naturalized citizen. I am sure he was no NATURAL BORN birth records have been found for him.

And I wonder about how much Gaskell and his family were "under the jurisdiction" of the United States as per the 14th Amendment. At the time the LDS were in somewhat rebellion against the US Government and troops were being sent in to overthrow the "Mormon leadership."

It is clear that the Romney family found Mexico to be more to their liking. They resided in this foreign nation until they were too scared to stay and fight the Mexican rebels in 1913. They preferred to return to the US and get welfare handouts from the American Taxpayers and hid their secrets and the true Romeny history.

I find no proof that any of the Romney's EVER being naturalized and becoming a part of the American nation. They ran like scared dogs when the LDS were being persecuted and hounded for having more than one wife. And too, the Romney's are collaborators of modern day GOP GAY RIGHTS enthusiasts for more Sodomites in the Military and Sodomite appreciation in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools of America. The Romney's and the GOP bash LDS for past polygamy practices yet remain silent about Sodomites in mainstream America that are destroying our nation. The Romney's of today do not stand and fight and become outraged concerning the anti-LDS crap we hear daily on the TV and Radio. The Romney's are chicken-poops and don't deserve our vote...and they also need to prove their heritage in America.

I would be more open to the Romney family if they were truthful about their past. If there are problems with their citizenship they should be open about it all and not lie and bare falsehoods. In my one of my last posts I mentioned a certain Abdul Hassan who is not a natural born citizen and wants to run for President 2012 (contrary to the US Constitution).

In his lawsuit (see: he states: "the natural born provision is premised on the assumption that foreign born citizens cannot be trusted..."

I would agree somewhat with Mr. Hassan. For the most part, it is all about trust. If Mr. Mitt Romney ever became President, would he be firm on border control and making our nation secure against known Mexican evil-doers since Mr. Romney has such a love towards his father's home of yesteryear? As for Hassan's words (as a foreigner turned citizen) I do not trust most of what he says in his brief! I see lies and misstatements galore. Read it for yourself and see what I mean. As for Romney's genealogy...I see misstatements and lies galore there too! I am a firm believer in the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN clause in the US Constitution. I don't like to be governed by people of questionable loyalties. (Soetoro has proven to me that this to be a sound belief!)

How can I be more clear?

Edward C. Noonan
2012 President
American Independent Party

Mitt Romney is not a natural born citizen

from: Edward C. Noonan
to: "P. B."
bcc: Mark Seidenburg
date: Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 12:27 AM
subject: Re: Mitt Romney is not a natural born citizen

I didn't say Mitt was born in Mexico. he was born in 1947 in Michigan. However, his father was born in Mexico. You claim George's US citizenship was set in stone because his mother and father had been US Citizens before they escaped as fugitives to Mexico.

George Wilcken Romney's parents were American citizens Gaskell Romney (1871–1955) and Anna Amelia Pratt (1876-1926); they married in 1895 in Mexico and lived in Colonia Dublán, Galeana, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua (one of the Mormon colonies in Mexico) where George was born on July 8, 1907.

Gaskell Romney left the US because US Marshalls had an arrest warrant for Gaskell because of his many wives. He arrived in Mexico in about 1891. Gaskell married in Mexico, and built a successful business in Mexico. Gaskell sired (George) in 1907 with the intent of remaining in Mexico forever.

Wikipedia states: "The Mexican Revolution broke out in 1910 and the Mormon colonies were endangered in 1911–1912 by raids from marauders,[10] including "Red Flaggers" Pascual Orozco and José Inés Salazar.[11] Young George heard the sound of distant gunfire and saw rebels walking through the village streets.[11][12] The Romney family fled and returned to the United States in July 1912, leaving their home and almost all of their property behind.[1][13] Romney would later say, "We were the first displaced persons of the 20th century."[14]

From here on, George Romney grew up in humble circumstances.[15] The family subsisted with other Mormon refugees on government relief in El Paso, Texas for a few months before moving to Los Angeles, California, where the father worked as a carpenter.[13][16] In kindergarten there, other children mocked Romney's national origin by calling him "Mex".
You may want to rewrite history and undo the "Mex" out of the Romney family, but still there is a BIG QUESTION on whether a felon that attempted to escape a US Marshal's arrest is still considered a US Citizen after being a fugitive for nearly 20 years.

But then again, the 1881 DE FACTO thug named Chester Arthur was not a natural born citizen either...hence there is no legal Constitutional document nor Federal organization, so who cares? Everyone is spitting on the Constitution, so what is new?

You are wrong...Mitt Romney needs to account for the citizenship of his father and he needs to prove that his father is indeed considered a US Citizen...and NO GUESSES!


Mitt Romney is not a natural born citizen

From: Edward C. Noonan
Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 11:04 PM
Subject: Mitt Romney is not a natural born citizen
To: "P. B."


I hate to throw a wrench in your major cog, but one of your Republican Presidential Candidates is not a natural born citizen as well! Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico. Mitt Romney could be considered a NATURALIZED CITIZEN but cannot ever be considered a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. But I am not absolutely sure he is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

Mitt's dad was born in Mexico in 1907. I have questions about George's parents being US CITIZENS. But even still, they cannot use the 14th Amendment to claim that George was a US Citizen. They were living in Mexico to escape the JURISDICTION of the US Government and the strict polygamy laws. The Mexican revolts of 1910 made Mexico too dangerous so the Romney family returned to the US. George never "naturalized" to became a US Citizen. Hence, Mitt was born of a none-citizen. Mitt could be considered a "naturalized" citizen (by a real stretch of the imagination) but he cannot consider himself to be a NATURAL BORN.

Mitt Romney needs to prove that his father is indeed a naturalized citizen and got his citizenship after his father returned to be repatriated as an American Citizen.

What say you all?

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012
American Independent Party

More jokes about the silly Article II thing?

This just came in and is dated and entitled:

December 30, 2011 3:21 PM at

I am amazed at their lead statement:
"After Mitt Romney's son made a "birther" joke on the campaign trail, he quickly apologized and downplayed the taboo remarks. President Obama's re-election team, however, is keeping the moment alive and hoping to earn a few bucks off of it."

Could someone please tell me why the subject of BIRTH CERTIFICATES and CITIZENSHIP "is taboo?"

Well, as far as I am concerned...the subject is NOT TABOO! I will not let up as long as the lying GOP and MARXIST Democrats continue to promote their trash-genealogy.

This article continued by saying, "At an event in New Hampshire today, Romney's adult son Matt Romney responded to a question regarding the potential release of his father's tax returns with a joke alluding to doubts about Mr. Obama's place of birth: "I heard someone suggest the other day that as soon as Obama releases his grades and birth certificate and sort of a long list of things, then maybe he'd do it," he said."

At first I was pondering "who made it taboo." Was it the news media? Was this so-called news writer saying that the subject was TABOO because of the media, or was it a ROMNEY forbidden thing?...thus the Romney mindset was that YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT CITIZENSHIP ever, ever, ever! Because, it seems that the Romney's have so many skeletons in the closet, "you Romney-folk just need to remain mum about the topic."

Of course the joking about the bogus certificate issue has been around since the beginning of Soetoro's term as DE FACTO Dictator. Biden (the DE FACTO Vice Dictator) joked about the Certificate and it was reported and written about on March 22, 2009. You can read more at: See the article entitled

Biden jokes about Obama's birth certificate at dinner
Says Cheney left copy of document in vice presidential desk

The real joke, of course, is not about the Birth Certificate (as bogus as it turned out to be) but about whether or not the citizenship of Soetoro's father was full fledged American. Was both of Soetoro's parents citizens of the United States and are there questionable loyalties of Soetoro to all the nations he is a citizen of (over 143)?

I insist the same examination be given to the expatriated Romney family as with any candidate for US President. There is no doubt that George Romney was born in Mexico. But there is no further explanation of the current status of that voluntary swearing of loyalty to the country of Mexico by the Romney clan, nor what citizenship Mitt Romney now holds. George Romney is a Mexican citizen by virture of his birth in that country. The current laws of Mexico claim that once a Mexican YOU'RE ALWAYS A MEXICAN. Hence George Romney has dual citizenship. This also means that the son of George Romney is also considered a dual citizen of Mexico. Therefore Mitt Romney cannot consider himself a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, because he has dual citizenship through the lineage of his father.

There is no doubt that Mitt Romney may be a native born US Citizen. However, proof of being NATURAL BORN CITIZEN by proof that his father was indeed naturalized or got his citizenship some other way needs to be provided to the American people.

I would be interested in hearing any of you pro-Romney people proving me wrong. Or at least hear your defense of why you believe Mitt Romney is eligibile to run for President (again).

Let me know!

Edward C. Noonan
2012 President