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Devvy asked, "I have ask Mr. Noonan in email if can provide any legitimate evidence (documents) to support his claim that Romney's entire family gave up their U.S. citizenship and became Mexican citizens. Of the many, many hours of reading over the weekend from dozens of searches, I can find nothing to support it, but we'll see if Mr. Noonan responds."



First of all, it is not my duty as a candidate for POTUS 2012 to do the genealogy of my fellow candidates when there are questions about their genealogical qualifications to the Office of POTUS. It is merely my sovereign right as a Natural Born Citizen to challenge any candidate that has questionable facts within their lineage.

Secondly, Article II does not specify who has the burden of proof if there is a question regarding the qualifications of a POTUS candidate. This could be the reason why there is so much confusion regarding this single statement of the Constitution. The validation of this is that here in your own article you show two opposing views of this controversy. Your so-called "expert" who swears up and down that Mitt Romney is a NBC and I have disagreed, stating that the Romney NBC questions must be examined more extensively and the question has not been answered nor solved. Even you and "clinical thinker" have doubts and are not convinced 100% either way.

But as a Presidential candidate I am obligated to back up my challenge of Romney as best as I can. So therefore I will provide this following additional "documentation" regarding the Romney citizenship question.

My first "exhibit" is the Wikipedia entry for Jeffrey Max Jones. This gentleman would be in the same generation as Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was born in 1947 and Jones was born in 1958. Mitt's father, George was born in MMexico in the same Mexican Colony as Jones. There is only 11 years between Mitt and Jones.


The Jones family apparently remained in Colonia Dublán, Mexico whereas the Romney family did not and left Mexico during the Mexican hostilities. The Jones family could have left and then returned after the hostilities ended... I do not know which. But as you can see, Jeffrey Jones was a Mexican Senator in 2000, and only Mexican citizens can be in the Mexican Senate (as per the present day Mexican Constitution).

By the preponderance of evidence, it is safe to say that both the Jones and Romney family had gained Mexican Citizenship at some point. You seem to be claiming that both ARE CITIZENS OF THE US AND THEIR CITIZENSHIP WILL ALWAYS REMAIN SET IN STONE. I beg to differ. At some point Jones "lost his American citizenship." And likewise, it is my opinion that at some point the Romney family "lost their American citizenship." Jones is clearly now a Mexican citizen and the Romney family magically regained their American citizenship after renouncing their US citizenship and latching onto the Mexican way of life.

But again, I state that I do not have the burden of PROVING the Romneys are American natural born citizens (or not). Both George and his son, Mitt have failed to do so at this time and date. The words are clear..."No person except a natural born Citizen..."

My second "exhibit" is found in the California Elections Code as per the DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY:

The declaration of candidacy shall be in substantially the following form:

I, _________________, do hereby declare myself
as a candidate for election to the office of
President of the United States.
(__ Initial here if the
office for which you are running is for the
balance of an unexpired term.) I am a registered
voter. If elected, I will qualify and accept the
office of President of the United States
and serve to
the best of my ability. I request my name be
placed on the official ballot of the district
for the election to be held on the ___ day of
_______, 20__, and that my name appear on the
ballot as follows:
(Print name above)
My current residence address is
and my telephone number is _________________.
I desire the following occupational designation
to appear on the ballot under my name:
(Print desired designation, if any, above)
This occupational designation is true and in
conformance with Section 13107 of the Elections

I am aware that any person who files or submits
for filing a declaration of candidacy knowing
that it or any part of it has been made falsely
is punishable by a fine or imprisonment, or
both, as set forth in Section 18203 of the
Elections Code.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the
laws of the State of California that the
foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on _____________________________, 20__,
at _____________________________________ (Place)
(Signature of Candidate)


Please note that Romney had to or will have to fill out a similar Declaration of Candidacy. He will therefore state, "I am qualified and am a Natural Born Citizen."

Because of this I say to Mr. Romney, "I have questions about your genealogy and the citizenship of your Father and I have questions about YOUR CITIZENSHIP." WHAT SAY YOU, MR. ROMNEY?!

I am also saying to Mr. Romney, PRODUCE the evidence that you qualify! It is not my responsibility...it is YOURS!

My qualifications for POTUS can be found at my website:

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012

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