Wednesday, September 21, 2011


RE: 2012 Presidential Candidates – One Question Only

To: JB Williams c/o:

Your words are absurd. There can be no election possible! We do not have a constitutionally authorized federal government. It ended as of January 20th, 2009 when the Supreme Bonehead Thug named John Roberts swore in an illegal alien to the office of POTUS. Since America cannot seem to define what the qualifications of a POTUS is, and what the meaning of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is, then there cannot be a POTUS. Such confusion mandates that the Constitution be null and void until such a definition is ratified by 3/4ths of all the states. The Constitution cannot be hailed as our Supreme Law of the Land, because no one seems to agree what the supreme law is.

Yes, I am running for President. But there can be no valid election! Our dead Constitution’s Article I, Section 9 states: “no…ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

In the matter of the eligibility of an illegal alien being allowed to be sworn in as POTUS, this is considered an ex post facto law, which is expressly forbidden by the United States Constitution. Nowhere in the US Constitution is an illegal alien allowed to hold ANY Federal elected office.

And any elected or appointed Federal official that has allowed an illegal alien to remain in office (for three years) is an enemy of the Constitution and has thereby caused its death. PERIOD.

All current candidates that have not made this a prime campaign in the 2012 prior to August 2011 is a domestic enemy to the Constitution and have no right to be elected or run as a candidate.

Any American citizen that votes for any candidate that has not committed to battling the Soetoro thuggery is an enemy to the Constitution. Perry, Romney, Paul, Bachmann, Cain, and all the rest are anti-constitutional pigs and should be arrested as traitors to the Constitution. All Americans who vote for one of these Republican cesspool swimmers are no better than the murderers that killed our Constitution. Are you going to vote for one of these Constitution-“murderers?”

Any one that voted for McCain, another non-natural born citizen is also a traitor to the Constitution. He is another illegal alien from the State of Arizona and should be deported back to Panama where he was born. Colon, Panama is NOT part of the Panama Canal Zone, therefore McCain is a citizen of Panama. And McCain has never been naturalized as a US Citizen.

Edward C. Noonan
President – 2012
(which is not a valid, constitutional election!)
American Independent Party

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