Thursday, September 15, 2011

The arrest of Congress and the Supreme Court is neigh!

Attorney Orly Taitz just posted Mr. Soetoro's Income Tax form on her webpage. It is shown as follows:

It is my opinion that Orly has nailed it...Mr. Soetoro is using a Connecticut Social Security number from a dead guy! This number has been partially covered as per court document rules but the first three numbers are all that is necessary to prove the origin of the SS number.

At too, the tax form is incorrect. The idiot attorneys that filled out this form for Mr. Soetoro and Mrs. Soetoro did not identify the correct "State"... WASHINGTON DC is NOT a State of the Union. The tax form clearly asks for THE STATE of the tax payer...and Mr. and Mrs. Soetoro claim they are filing from the State of Washington DC.

Orly states on her BEFOREITSNEWS blog claims that the Selective Service online "Registration Checker" shows Soeotoro using the number when he registered with the Selective Service in 2008 (so he could get a federal pay check). See:

I decided to check out the Selective Service webpage and only got a scrubbed (our of order) message:

If elected PRESIDENT my first Executive act will be to place Soetoro and all members of Congress and the Supreme Court under arrest for Treason. It is time to hold these thugs accountable!

Edward C. Noonan
President - 2012

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