Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Bowen Stalking My House?


Do any of you guys think this is amusing? Today the Appeal Democrat (Marysville, CA newspaper) had a story about SoS Debra Bowen “showing up at a Marysville High School”


The newspaper lied and reported, “Bowen, who was passing through Yuba County after a morning visit in Butte County, decided to speak in Marysville High School's advanced-placement government class before her routine stop at the county office.”

I have lived in the Marysville area for 15 years and have NEVER heard of Bowen ever “stopping off in Yuba County.”

Of course, I could be dead wrong, but earlier this month I sent a letter to Bowen (SoS) and Kamala Harris (CA Attorney Gen) and of course, Governor Jerry Brown telling them that as soon as the weather clears up a bit, I would be starting a campaign to “look for proponents” to start a recall against them. I also told all County Voter Registrars that I would be attempting to RECALL ALL 58 OF THEIR SORRY BEHINDS TOO!


So when I read this piece in the Appeal Democrat, I was amazed that Bowen would be in Chico and Marysville… could it be that the 58 Voter Registrars are running scared?

My mailing to the 58 Voter Registrars directed them to my posting entitled, “HOW TO PREVENT YOUR RECALL.” The URL that I provided them with was at:

I ended this “PREVENT YOUR RECALL” letter to all 58 Voter Registrars with the following:

My only alternative is to FORCE you to comply with CA GC §12172.5 and insist you and the Secretary of State DO YOUR DUTY! And that duty is to report to the D. A. or the Attorney General of any crimes that are reported to you via ANY CALIFORNIA VOTER. If you refuse to comply, RECALL is the only alternative.

Election Code §18500. Any person who commits fraud or attempts to commit fraud, and any person who aids or abets fraud or attempts to aid or abet fraud, in connection with any vote cast, to be cast, or attempted to be cast, is guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment for 16 months or two or three years.

And if nothing else, you have a “duty ”to uphold your oath to the Constitution and insure that ARTICLE II is upheld. If Mr. Soetoro, a/k/a Mr. Shabazz, a/k/a Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, or was a citizen of Indonesia and has never been repatriated as a U.S. Citizen…then you are conspiring to abet him in his felony. A fraud is a fraud!

And if the District Attorney or Attorney General fails to comply and only makes a token investigation on this matter…THEY WILL BE RECALLED AS WELL! Enough is Enough…3 strikes you’re out!

So now we have Ms. Bowen making a hasty stop at the Yuba County Voter Registrar, and the Butte County Voter Registrar (Chico, CA) for some unusual reason. Maybe she and her BFF, the Attorney General, Ms. Kamala Harris came by to stalk me at my house? I don’t know! Maybe I am just being paranoid? But it seems VERY STRANGE that Ms. Bowen has pressing business in Yuba County and Butte County during the busiest time of the election season. So if HOMELAND SECURITY comes knocking at my door, please be advised, it is because of my "RECALL threats" to half of California.

Do they have internet at the Homeland Security Detention Center? I will be lost without it!

Faithfully Yours,

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012

See original RECALL messages:

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