Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I've left the American Independent Party!

After being cheated out of the Party's nomination as the candidate for President of the U.S... I have decided the American Independent Party is on the wrong path and has lost it's way. I won the California Primary, but the Executive Committee Chairman of the AIP and I did not see eye to eye. It is my opinion that Mr. Robinson was a Republican mole and did not have the AIP's best interest in his heart.

So I have decided that it is time to move on... and leave the AIP to the clutches of the likes of Mr. Robinson.

I would invite all who have been following my blog to join me at my new site at: http://americanresistanceparty.blogspot.com.

Thank you for your support.

Edward C. Noonan
WINNER: 2002 AIP CA Primary - Secretary of State
WINNER: 2006 AIP CA Primary - Governor
WINNER: 2010 AIP CA Primary - U.S. Senate
WINNER: 2012 AIP CA Primary - President of the United States

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