Thursday, October 6, 2011

Independent Conservatives = 32% of Arizona Tea Party

Last week George Miller invited me to join the Ventura Tea Party website (as a Presidential Candidate). So I did.

And I did assuming that most of the Ventura Tea Party were all mostly REPUBLICANS. I could not speculate how I could make a difference in the Tea Party when they were all controlled by the party that invaded the Southern States without Constitutional authority… or the party that gave us an illegal British citizen as POTUS in 1881 (Chester Arthur). Or the party that ran another illegal alien, named John McCain in 2008… What could I possibly have in common with the Republican Tea Party?

Perhaps I am wrong!

I have been researching the various National Tea Parties today. I spent some time on the Arizona Tea Party Website (See: ). On this site they have a poll asking their members or readers to identify what party they align themselves with. I was surprised to discover it was contrary to what I have been thinking all along!

I don’t know how this would relate to other states and other counties, but there at the Arizona Tea Party, only half seem to identify themselves with the GOP.


Conservative Independents are 32% of the Tea Party voters in this Arizona poll! Of course, I don’t know how reliable this poll is, but it is a good start in showing that the Independents are becoming a more powerful voting block and cannot be swept under the rug anymore!

But it is amusing to read however, that the Arizona Tea Party on their VOTER REGISTRATION PAGE states:

To all of you who are registered as Independents but will want to cast your ballot in the 2012 Presidential primaries for a Republican, you MUST re-register as a Republican. The rules are different than when voting in Congressional only primaries! If you want a voice in the Presidential primary this time around, be sure to re-register as a Republican.”

It is clearly apparent that the leaders of this Tea Party are died-in-the-wool Republicans and this Tea Party has a definite GOP slant.

I would like to commend the VENTURA TEA PARTY. It is the first Tea Party ever to mention my name on their website. My name can be found at: (see bottom of presidential list.)

I ran for US Senate in 2010 and not a single Tea Party would accept my name as a Candidate on their “candidate list.” So I must confess that progress is finally being made! George just made HISTORY!

And too, it is from Arizona that the first Sheriff in America has promised to look into the Soetoro crimes. Bravo to the Arizona Tea Party! Things are looking up!

Edward C. Noonan
President – 2012
American Independent Party

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