Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm The First Declared "BIRTHER" Presidential Candidate!

I believe I am the first declared "birther" candidate for President 2012. None of the GOP candidates want to touch this issue with a 10 foot pole. Bachmann, Romney, and especially Ron Paul have run from this matter for nearlly 3 years now. They have their heads hidden in the sand like rest of America.

This "birther" issue is not well supported. In Georgia this Monday, only 12 souls came to the capitol to protest the lack of action on the new state legislation to force the state to vet the President properly.

Not all 12 attendees are shown in this photo...

I am running on the "birther" issue as my primary focus. If we do not have a legitimate Commander-in-chief and POTUS, then nothing that has transpired in the last 3 years matters because it is all void!

My secondary issue, is of course, to secure our borders. Some people claim that 30,000,000 illegal aliens have taken over our country. When elected President I will deport all 30,000,000 million... and I will put a bounty on each illegal. Those that turn in an illegal will obtain a 50% bounty of the wealth and stolen US/State Property that was pillfered by these illegals. Harsh? Darn right! Mexico puts illegal U.S. born citizens that are in their country in prison for many years!

A bounty on illegals and a bounty on US businesses that hire them will bring prosperity back to many Americans. This should be a warning to all the businesses that hire illegals. YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR ASSETS when you are caught.

A 50% bounty will be a boon to the 10% of Americans that have no job nor a home anymore.

It's time to get tough!


  1. Why was my comment removed?

  2. You're welcome to post on, since we have a dearth of candidates willing to talk about the issue.