Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AZ SoS accepts bogus Verification of Soetoro BC!

This afternoon, Mr. Youngblood submitted a link to the Obama Ballot Challenge. It was supposedly from the 12news station in Arizona. It was a link showing the "Obama Birth Certificate VERIFICATION" to the SoS of AZ. It written on the Hawaiian Department letter head. And it was, of course, the OFFICIAL Hawaiian Health Dept's Birth Certification (for Mr. Soetoro), that the Arizona Secretary of State just received.

The original link was at:

I reviewed the page and quickly determined it was a forgery and false document. There is no way anyone in their right mind could accept this document as a legitimate certification. I posted my feelings on this subject to the Facebook "Obama Ballot Challenge" group.

I showed the group the reasoning for my doubt. I produced the two signatures of Onaka on the two BCs that have heretofore been submitted by the Hawaiian Dept. of Health.

This is the jpg that I submitted to the group:

I objected to the initials "gk" after the name of Onaka. This indicated that Onaka did not sign his own name... therefore this cannot be considered an official certification by Onaka, but only a certification of "gk." (whoever that is!)

In addition, if you compare the stamp of Onaka's signature on the first bogus BC, with this bogus Onaka signature, will anyone agree with me that these two signatures are completely different? Not a single character compares with one another! Does it smell like a forgery to you?

While I am at it, let me also object to the fact that there is NO official seal of certification which, in my opinion, makes this doc completely worthless. It is only the image of a questionably-signed document. At this point, I will only accept ORIGINAL SIGNATURES and not official-trash like I see here!

In my post to the Obama Ballot Challenge group, I had mistakenly misread the "gk" initials to be "pk". I went back to the original webpage to check the original on the webpage and I discovered the linked webpage had been scrubbed. It no longer exists!

As far as I am concerned, it is another one of the many bizarre and strange events connected to Mr. Soetoro. Will I never cease to be amazed?

Here is the original document that I downloaded from the site:

The real scam about the above, is that the name of the Attending clerk and registar are missing. Both the names "David A. Smilan" and, of course, "UKELEE" is completely NOT MENTIONED. Maybe "gk" and "ukelee" are the same Hawaiian ghost spirit?

Edward C. Noonan
President 2012


  1. Sorry, but the Obots already debunked this. It's 91c. 91c indicates HRS Chapter 91 of Hawaii Statutes regarding administration of records.

  2. A crime has then been done one way or another! If someone forged the signature of a State Official in Hawaii, this is a felony. Why is the Arizona SOS not going after this crime with all guns blazing?

    A simple "sorry" will not do. Arizona should want BLOOD on this one!

  3. I requested for both, but received 2 official transcript. I thought they made a mistake and requested another verification of graduation, only to receive yet another official transcript. From my understanding, verification of graduation is only a slip with the graduation date. What's going on?

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    1. @bella swan...
      What are you talking about? What does "verification of graduation" had to do with anything? I am totally lost concerning what you are attempting to communicate.