Thursday, March 1, 2012

A blow to the Soetoro (BHO) Crime Machine

The “Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference” ended a few hours ago. I was totally surprised how incorrect I was in my “blog” four hours ago. It was more than I could hope for. Out of my list of half a dozen definite felonies that have stalked Mr. Soetoro for three years or more, at least two or three of the felonies I mentioned this morning was hung directly around the neck of the “criminal-in-chief.” (sort of)

After the devastating news was put out that the Sheriff’s Department had determined that fraud was discovered regarding the bogus White House birth certification (BC), I detected a slight wiggling about the whole matter. Sheriff Joe was okay with stating the BC were “probably” fraudulent, but he was reluctant in coming right out and declaring that Soetoro had a hand in producing and passing off felony public records, or had been the top ringleader of producing such phony certifications (twice).

I was happy that the question of Soetoro’s bogus Selective Service card was addressed.

But all in all, it was so much more than I expected. I expected a total denial but what I saw was indeed a blow to the Soetoro crime machine.

(left) The commander of the Cold Case Posse
and Jerome Corsi (right)

The real news of this whole story, of course, is the reaction of the news media that was at this news conference. This was an instant attack on the Sheriff for daring to be just a little old county sheriff and having overstepping his authority and questioning a “President of the United States.”

(left) Sheriff Joe Arpaio (middle) and his Posse Commander (right)

The liberal press showed their true colors by overlooking the crime and instead, attacking the law enforcement official.

I was surprised that ABC News put a snippet of the video on their webpage. You can see it here today at:

As of yet I have found no where one can review the entire 1 hour conference. In a day or two the entire hour will be on the internet, but for now I have to watch snippets from the Lame Stream Media.

Edward C. Noonan

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